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      If you've seen the e-cigarette advertising of the past, you've probably noticed that many early sellers of e-cigarettes used public vaping as a selling point. Since the world's governments had not yet created laws specifically applying to e-cigarettes, some people switched to e-cigarettes to circumvent public smoking bans. Today, virtually every state and local government has created laws that apply to vaping. Check with your state government to learn more about where you can -- and can't -- use an e-cigarette.

      Although this article contains no legal advice, we can provide some suggestions that may help you decide whether it's appropriate to vape in public or in other situations in which you can't smoke.

      If You Can Smoke, You Can Vape

      You can generally vape in an area in which smoking is allowed. If people around you are smoking, you should be able to vape without worry. Feel free to puff!

      Vape Courteously

      Studies suggest that second-hand vapour may actually be far less harmful to others than second-hand smoke. Nevertheless, people who do not smoke or vape have the right to choose what they want to inhale. Even if you're certain that the law permits you to use an e-cigarette in a given situation, it is courteous to ask those around you if they mind. It might surprise you to learn that many people aren't bothered by e-cigarette vapour at all. E-cigarette vapour isn't smoke -- and unlike smoke, e-cigarette vapour actually smells good!

      Want to learn more about e-cigarettes? Read our vaping beginner's guide.