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      Tobacco Flavoured Vape Liquids

      Liberty Flights offer a premium range of tobacco flavoured e-liquids, from the most popular 'Tobacco e-liquid' which is a medium flavoured 'Virginia' blend, to the sweet blends of caramel tobacco 'RY4'. If you are new to vaping are you're wanting to mirror the cigarette taste then we suggest trying Super Highway

      Liberty Flights traditional tobacco flavours range in light, mellow, strong and dry tones of tobacco, a note for every taste.

      The tobacco range of nicotine e-liquids is usually the first e-liquid of choice for smokers who are making the switch to vaping. 

      XO brand e-liquids are made in the United Kingdom by Liberty Flights using UK sourced high-grade pharmaceutical nicotine and e-liquid bases.

      What is the PG/VG e-liquid ratio?

      The main range of e-liquid bases consists of a 50/50 base of PG and VG. There is no de-ionized water added with the exception of our menthol e-liquid. The 50-50 PG/VG base ratio provides a great balance of both vapour and also a good throat hit. 

      If you are looking for a higher ratio of VG base in your e-liquid, then check out our range of high VG (vegetable glycerin) base nicotine e-liquids including Tobacco Virginia VG heavy e-liquid

      Please note Liberty Flights e-liquids do not contain diacetyl or, acetyl propionyl and do not contain ant artificial colours.