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      Need help with your e-cigarette? If you are experiencing the following issues then please read the troubleshooting tips below for our e-cigarette vape kits.

      E-liquid Filling Tips 

      Be careful not to overfill your clearomizer tank as it will cause the device to flood with e-liquid and leak.

      For the Joyetech All-in-one Vape Kit only fill your device to the fill line in the middle of the tank window, if you fill above this line your tank, it will leak when screwing on the cap.

      If you see bubbles in your e-liquid after filling, let these settle before screwing in your caps and atomiser.

      For the Joyetch Teros cartridge, please only fill to a maximum 75-80% of the cartridge capacity otherwise you may flood the tank. 

      Priming/breaking in a new atomiser coil

      For vape kits which have replaceable atomizer heads please follow these tips when first using them.

      First, place a few drops of e-liquid in the open end of the atomizer and let the atomizer sit for 5-10 minutes to allow it to fully soak up the e-liquid, then you can screw it into the top cap.

      Secondly, take a few dry draws (this means without turning the battery on) as it helps to draw up the e-liquid into the wick ensure you don't get a burnt hit.

      Thirdly, turn on your e-cigarette and take some initial short gentle inhales then let the e-cigarette sit for a few minutes. Now you are ready to vape with your new atomiser. If you suck too hard or start vaping too soon after first filling your tank/cartridge you may end up with e-liquid in your mouth. 

      Spit-back or getting e-liquid in your mouth?

      Ensure your atomiser coil is screwed into the cap correctly and not mis-thread. 

      When using a new atomiser head, do not over-drip liquid into the head as this may cause flooding. If you hear lots of gurgling sounds (as opposed to crackling, which is normal) you may have flooded the atomiser coil which will lead to e-liquid getting trapped in the base of the mouthpiece or the e-liquid is pooled up in the coil. If this happens, hold the fire button down for a few seconds to help clear the e-liquid before you take a vape.

      You should also remove the mouthpiece and wipe the bottom and inside with a paper towel. Try also blowing into the mouthpiece with a paper towel under it to help clear any residual liquid pooled under the mouthpiece and cap.

      If you experience spitting of liquid from the mouthpiece please follow the steps mentioned above, and when vaping, avoid holding the fire button down continuously (more than 5 seconds) as this will overheat the battery and chamber making it hot to vape.

      If you are getting e-liquid in your mouth, take short drags after first filling your tank/cartridge, avoid sucking and dragging too hard at first until your e-cig warms up. 

      DOT PRO - Pod Vape 

      My pod is leaking when I use it?

      A little residue from your pod is not uncommon during use but there should not be a lot of liquid. Condensation can build up in the pod due to high humidity or air pressure changes.

      If your pod is leaking slightly, you can continue to use the device, but we recommend wiping the bottom of the pod and battery connections gently with a tissue.  

      If you get liquid on your hands, simply wash with soap and water.

      Leaking can also be caused by taking aggressive draws on the mouthpiece, to rectify this, try drawing on the DOT pod more gently.

      My DOT PRO Pod Vape is not producing vapour?

If your DOT PRO device is fully charged and has liquid left in the POD but doesn’t produce vapour, follow these two tips to see if this resolves the issue for you.

      1. Using a tissue with a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol, clean the contacts on both the pod and inside battery where the pod is inserted. This should ensure a connection between the pod and the device if any moisture has got on them. 

      2. There may be a few tiny air bubbles down by the wick of the pod that can also contribute to the issue. Take the pod out of the device and gently tap it (mouthpiece side up) on a hard surface. This should release any tiny air bubbles and re-saturate the wicks.

      Battery check - for 650mAh, 900mAh and 1600mAh Batteries

      Have you turned on your battery? Our standard 650mAh and 900 mAh batteries have a 5 click on/off button. Please click 5 times in quick succession. You also need to hold down the button to inhale. There will be a slight crackling sound which is normal.  

      It may be the connector plate (see image below) at the top of the battery which is causing the issue. Sometimes the clearomizer might have been over tightened onto the battery pushing the connector plate down.  The plate needs to be gently lifted so it connects to the charger correctly to enable the battery to fully charge.

      Troubleshooting E-cigarette_Starter Kit

      If you use a small pin or toothpick, you should be able to gently lift the connector plate a millimetre or two. Once you have done this, re-attach the battery to the charger and it should charge correctly (which normally takes around 2 hours). When the USB charger light turns green your battery should be fully charged. Try using your battery again and it should work.

      If there is still no vapour after recharging your battery then pin at the bottom of the clearomizer may be too high and can be gently pulled down with tweezers by a millimetre to make the connection but usually raising the battery plate is the fix that solves the issue.  

      Clean your battery

      You should also clean the top of your battery with a cotton earbud or a dry tissue to remove any residue or dirt, this will help ensure it has a good connection to the charger.

      Change USB Charging Port

      If raising the connector plate and cleaning your e-cig battery doesn’t work,  have you tried charging using a different USB port? 

      Replace Disposable Clearomizer or Atomizer

      The disposable clearomizer tank or the atomizers need replacing regularly.  We recommend changing the clearomizer or atomizer every 2 weeks. If you don't replace them they may cause leakage which can harm the battery and you will find after a few weeks the quality of your vaping will reduce and the flavour and nicotine hit will diminish. These are signals that either your disposable clearomizer tank or atomizer needs replacing.

      If you find you have to replace them more frequently you may be using high VG (vegetable glycerin) e-liquid which tends to clog up the coil faster than a standard 50/50 mix of PG and VG. 

      Battery is working but no vapour coming from out from the new disposable tank

      The tank only needs to be finger tight into the 650mAh or 900 mAh battery so, you may have over-tightened it when screwing the tank into the battery. As mentioned above, this can cause the battery connector plate to be slightly pushed down or, if the battery is working and you are using a replaceable atomizer, then it could be the atomizer pin in the clearomizer which has been pushed up. If either of these happened then this means there is not a snug connection for the e-cig to fire when vaping or, for it not to charge correctly when screwed into the USB charger.

      Lowering the atomizer pin in the EVOD2 clearomizer

      If raising the connector plate didn’t work please remove the atomizer from the clearomizer and slightly lower the base pin a millimetre with your fingernail. Once you have done this try vaping again and this should solve the issue.

      Need more help? Call Australia: 1300 662 689.