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      Dr Colin Mendelsohn MB BS (Hons) Tobacco Treatment

      If you smoke or vape nicotine, this book is for you. Vaping is the most popular and most effective aid for quitting smoking in Australia and other western countries. However, it is poorly understood. This book dispels the myths about vaping and outlines the evidence in an easy-to-read and authoritative manner with over 400 scientific references. It also provides step-by-step advice on how to make the switch from smoking tobacco, and why vaping is controversial.

      This book is a MUST for any smoker who wants to know if vaping can help them quit (I wish I’d known about it earlier).

      Senator Hollie Hughes
      Chair of the Australian Senate Select Committee on Tobacco Harm Reduction

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      Paperback: AUD $39.95; UK £21.95; USD $26.95; € 25.95; CAD $36.95

      E-book (Kindle or epub): AUD $12.95; USD $9.95



      Dr Colin Mendelsohn is one of Australia’s leading experts on smoking and vaping.

      He is the Founding Chairman of the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association charity (ATHRA) and is a member of the committee that develops the RACGP national smoking cessation guidelines. 

      He was a Conjoint Associate Professor in the School of Public Health and Community Medicine at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

      Colin works with smokers to help them quit and is actively involved in research, teaching and writing about smoking and vaping. More here

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      Reader reviews by Reader’s Favorite book reviewers

      Tammy Ruggles.  Review Rating 5 stars

      Stop Smoking Start Vaping: The Healthy Truth About Vaping by Dr. Colin Mendelsohn is an encouraging, informative guide to help you decide if vaping is the right way for you to stop smoking. As an expert in the smoking cessation sector, this author gives so many facts and angles to consider that you may come away with a completely different view of smoking and vaping than you had before reading. Vaping may not be for everyone, but everyone knows smoking is addictive and unhealthy. If you’ve tried to quit smoking on your own and have failed, this book may have the answers or can help you make a better decision about vaping as a way to help you stop. The author dives deep into the differences and similarities between smoking and vaping, and how nicotine-vaping is often used as a way to quit smoking. The author asserts that this is misunderstood and creates debate.

      What I like about this book is that though based on research, Dr. Mendelsohn breaks the information down into layman’s terms, giving the reader a clearer picture of how they may choose to stop smoking. Which is safer, smoking or vaping? What are the physical effects? Are there health risks associated with nicotine? And what about the price? Isn’t vaping as expensive as cigarettes? Where does big tobacco fit into the equation? The author offers data that you may never have heard before, offering different angles to consider, and I find that interesting. Maybe you have someone in your family, or a friend, who has tried to stop smoking but is having trouble. This book could be a great gift to them or at least provide them with information. Even if you don’t smoke, this well-researched book is packed with information that is just good to know and also has interesting images. The author’s credentials speak for themselves, so for an enlightening read on vaping and smoking, Stop Smoking Start Vaping: The Healthy Truth About Vaping by Dr. Colin Mendelsohn is a must-read.

      Jamie Michele. Review rating 5 stars

      Stop Smoking Start Vaping: The Healthy Truth About Vaping by Dr. Colin Mendelsohn is a non-fiction self-help book for smokers who are looking for a way to quit, and even those smokers out in the world who are not. Mendelsohn uses his expertise as a medical doctor and the in-depth research he has carried out for years to make a case for vaping as the best transition possible for the mind and body, and the highest potential to break the nicotine habit for good. Broken down into three distinct but interconnected parts plus multiple case studies, Mendelsohn provides a comprehensive analysis in Part One on The Evidence on Vaping and Nicotine, Part Two’s Start Vaping, and Part Three’s Controversies and Solutions.

      I admit that I went into Stop Smoking Start Vaping a bit skeptical. I am not a smoker but am, like most others, aware of its dangers. I am also acutely aware of the vast vaping world out there, from Dave Chappell vaping continually through televised comedy routines to the e-cigs on the show Euphoria. I was ambivalent to it and not sold on the chance one might be healthier than the other. Dr. Colin Mendelsohn has done an exceptional job in alleviating misperceptions and backing all he presents with verifiable research and reputable scientific evidence. As an outsider looking in, I found the third part of the book most interesting, particularly on the mistaken belief that vaping is like a gateway to real smoking to young people. As a parent to young people, I shared this belief but the concise and straightforward delivery of facts by Mendelsohn has changed that. I think this is a clean and tightly written book for all who are interested in quitting, cutting down, or learning more about traditional vs e-cigarettes.

      Vincent Dublado. Review rating 4 stars

      A manifesto for vapers, Stop Smoking Start Vaping: The Healthy Truth About Vaping by Dr. Colin Mendelsohn is an intriguing and controversial argument that espouses vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking. For starters, the Australian-based author and medical practitioner stresses that vaping is the most popular and most effective aid for quitting smoking in Australia and western countries. In the same breath, he adds that the medical wonder of vaping is tragically misunderstood, and this is where he outlines his research-based evidence without any intimidating scientific jargon. He does make it clear that everything has risks, but compared to traditional smoking, electronic cigarettes expose you to fewer toxic chemicals. Another interesting feature of this book is that it boldly explores the controversies of vaping and the reason why medical health authorities, in general, are opposed to it.

      With well-paced writing complemented by layman explanations, Dr. Colin Mendelsohn has created a practical guide to vaping along with scientific evidence that underpins it. In the spirit of transparency, he doesn’t fall short in reminding his audience that although vaping has growing evidence in helping smokers to quit, it is not a silver bullet as randomized controlled trials, observational studies, and trends in national smoking rates have their own strengths and weaknesses. As Mendelsohn writes about the ten underlying reasons why vaping is opposed, he puts into the forefront the disapproval that is largely based on unstated biases coming from third parties who are mostly never directly involved. Stop Smoking Start Vaping is a concise yet comprehensive look at a controversial industry, and it hopes to shed light on a very misunderstood practice.

      Other details

      346 pages
      E-book coming soon
      Publisher: Aurora House
      Printed by Ingram Lightning Source in Australia, UK and US
      ISBN: 978-1922697-12-7

      From 1 October 2021, Importing Nicotine Requires a Prescription

      Both the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Government announced on 21 December 2020 their biding decision that from 1 October 2021, consumers importing and accessing nicotine will require a doctor’s prescription.

      The Government will allow importation of nicotine vapes and e-liquid for consumers who hold a prescription and they will also allow local pharmacies to sell these products in Australia.

      The Government will develop a Telehealth Smoking Cessation option for doctors to easily prescribe nicotine. This will be available 6 months prior to the 1 October 2021 implementation date which should allow consumers enough time to obtain their prescription for nicotine before the deadline.

      Adult consumers will therefore be able to continue using nicotine e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid based on their doctor’s advice and they will be able to purchase nicotine e-cigarettes from overseas, online or, from local pharmacies, with a prescription.

      Read the TGA announcement here

      Read the Government announcement here

      Prohibition on Nicotine Importation for Personal Use DEFERRED

      The proposed, 1 January 2021 plan to prohibit vapers from importing nicotine for personal use has been deferred. See TGA announcement here

      Originally planned for 1 July 2020, then 1 Jan 2021, this has now been delayed again, this time to allow the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to consider the latest amendments to the Poisons Act as it awaits submissions to its Interim Decision on the scheduling of nicotine.

      At this stage there is no indication that the ban will not proceed at some time, currently the TGA is suggesting June 2021 for more defined regulation for the requirement of prescriptions for nicotine.

      To share your voice on how vaping has helped you, a friend or loved one you can make a written submission to the Senate Select Committee into Tobacco Harm Reduction in Australia. The Committee is accepting submissions which close on 5 November 2020. The committee invites individuals and organisations to send in their opinions and proposals in writing. Alternatively, you can use the Legalise Vaping Website to send your submission as they have created an easy step process here.

      TGA Interim Decision to Reclassify Nicotine as Prescription-Only

      The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) announced (Wednesday 23rd September 2020) its proposed interim decision to reclassify nicotine as a prescription only medication from June 2021. This interim decision is open for public consultation with the final decision to be made by mid December 2020.

      What does this mean for vapers?
      The proposed changes mean that while consumers would still be able to use the ‘personal importation scheme’ under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 to order online from their usual supplier, vapers, would however, be required to have a prescription to do so.

      Vapers would still be able to order 3 months’ supply of e-cigarettes containing nicotine and order a maximum amount of 15 months’ supply in 12 months. Consumers would also be able to obtain nicotine for vaping from their your local community pharmacy.

      The proposed changes would make it illegal to possess nicotine for vaping without a prescription from an Australian-registered medical practitioner.

      The TGA's flowchart diagram below shows how this proposed decision would work and you will see you can continue to order from online websites like ours.
      TGA Proposed Access to Nicotine for Vaping for Consumers
      We are in the process working towards securing distribution through the Australian pharmacy option in case this decision becomes final. 

      Please note: The interim decision on nicotine scheduling is a separate process from the Australian Government’s proposed prohibition on the importation of e-cigarettes containing vaporiser nicotine

      We will keep you posted on any updates, please contact us if you have any questions.

      Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association: Why banning nicotine imports won’t work

      From 1 January 2021 vapers will be required to go to an Australian registered medical doctor to obtain a prescription for nicotine and then to a pharmacy to purchase nicotine liquid.

      The Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Associate (ATHRA) believes nicotine liquid should be available for sale as a consumer product so it can be easily accessed as a quitting aid for smoking.

      Consumer products are regulated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission which can provide strong protection to the public under consumer law. ARTHA believes low concentrations of nicotine liquids are not medicines, and in child-resistant containers they are low-risk products which cause minimal harm and are lifesaving for many smokers where they are used to replace an existing consumer product, traditional cigarettes.

      On 21 September ATHRA sent this flyer Liquid nicotine Prescription or consumer product? to all federal MPs and Senators explaining why this proposal must not go ahead outlining what a prescription model won’t work and other harmful effects of this pending change in regulation.

      Download and share their flyer