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      E-cigarette Clearomizers , Cartridges & Tanks

      Buy Clearomizers and Tanks Online and Enjoy Fast Shipping to Australia

      Liberty Flights specialises in creating superior electronic cigarette equipment for customers across the world who are looking for an alternative to traditional smoking. We offer a variety of clearomizers to suit all vaping needs from disposable tanks, replaceable atomizer tanks, and larger options with adjustable airflow options.

      What are clearomizers and vape tanks?

      Clearomizers and tanks are the device that holds the e-liquid for your electronic cigarette. Some have a clear body, which allows for the user to see how much liquid they have remaining whilst others come in colours. They contain a wick, which absorbs e-liquid and an atomizer, which when heated by the e-cigarette battery creates the vapour.

      An important element to note about clearomizers is that they need replacing regularly, either the whole disposable tank or just the atomizers, depending on what type of tank you buy. This will ensure you enjoy a smooth satisfying vape, good throat hit and full e-liquid flavour. We recommend changing your clearomizers or atomizers approximately every 2-3 weeks or per bottle of 10ml e-liquid, possibly longer if you are not a regular vaper.

      Liberty Flights proudly offers a variety of clearomizers for sale in our online store, with fast shipping to Australia. Options available on our website include disposable tanks, tanks with replaceable atomizers and rebuildable options. The disposable equipment is often viewed as the most convenient option, especially for those new to vaping, although replaceable atomizer clearomizers can be affordable in the long run even though they tend to cost more initially.

      Our vape starter kits come with either the disposable clearomizer or the replacement atomizer tank.

      Liberty Flights commitment to producing superior products

      Each and every one of Liberty Flights products – from our clearomizers to vape tanks and batteries – are assessed using an external independent assessor ensuring that our customers can enjoy a superior vaping experience. All of our e-liquids are also produced using high-grade pharmaceutical nicotine. Their dedication to high manufacturing truly top of the range products is what has made them a market leader in the U.K.

      With that being said, Liberty Flights is passionate about encouraging people to give up the nicotine for good, contact one of these quitlines to get the support you need. We also strongly advise against purchasing a vaping device if you do not currently have a nicotine habit as, regardless of what product you’re using, it is never a good time to start.