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      Pod Vapes

      What is a pod vape?

      A pod vape is the easiest to use vape device on the market, why because it is simple to use as it comes with a pre-filled e-liquid pod that inserts or clicks straight into the battery which is operated automatically by airflow. There are no buttons and no mess.

      Once the liquid pod is inserted into the battery the user simply draws on the device to inhale the vapour. Pod vapes are sometimes referred to as pod systems or pod mods.

      Pod vapes can be a closed or open system. A closed pod system means that the liquid pods are sold prefilled with e-liquid and usually cannot be refilled once empty. You throw away or preferably recycle the empty pod and then insert a new pod. An open pod system means the pods can be filled and refilled and generally last several weeks until the atomiser coil degrades in quality, then the whole pod needs replacing. The open pod system is generally cheaper to use however you lose the convenience as you have to fill the pods.  

      Pods vapes Pros and Cons

      Pod Vape Pros

      The benefits of pod vapes include:
      • The easiest to use vape device - total convenience.
      • Discreet in size.
      • Utilises the latest technology, for example, new honeycomb ceramic coils for excellent flavour delivery.
      • No mess or fuss as the e-liquid pod (cartridge) is pre-filled with e-liquid.
      • Easy to maintain.
      • Ultimate nicotine satisfaction - pod vape are designed mostly for nicotine salt which provides a smooth vape with the higher nicotine strengths.
      • Designed for smokers wanting to replicate the sensation of smoking.

      Pod Vape Cons

      The downside to pod vapes include:

      • Pod vapes are usually small in size to fit into the palm of your hand and therefore have a smaller battery than regular vape pens. Most pod vape batteries are around 350 mAh in size but this still means your device should last all day.
      • Generally, they are slightly more expensive to use however, still considerably cheaper than smoking cigarettes.
      • If you are a very heavy smoker who prefers a deep powerful draw you may find a pod vape may not always satisfy the way you inhale. In this case, you might prefer to keep a pod vape for social occasions when you are out and about and your heavier device for when you need a more powerful vape. That said, with nicotine salts and the latest technology coils and atomizers this is less of an issue, hence the growing popularity of pod vapes.

      Maintaining Pod Vapes

      No matter what type of vape device you own it’s always recommended to regularly clean your devices, wiping the pod cavity in the battery when inserting a new pod to remove any built-up condensation residue to keep your device dry and clean.

      Cleaning connection points on the chargers with a dry cloth is also recommended to ensure a good connection for charging.

      Always store your e-liquid pods in a cool dry place and keep your pods and device out of the heat, for example, a hot car as this may cause the e-liquid to thin and result in leakage.

      What type of e-liquid is used in a pod vape?

      Nicotine salts are the main type of e-liquid used in pod systems as they provide a smooth vape for the higher strength nicotine and power of the device. Read more about nicotine salts here.