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      Don't you hate the fact that cigarettes don't smell anything like the way they taste? You, at least, get to enjoy the flavour of the tobacco -- but the people around you have a completely different experience.

      Smoking leaves a terrible smell on your clothing, skin and hair. The smell permeates your home. The odour even lingers in your car. As if the cost of smoking wasn't high enough on its own, the smell of smoke in your home and car can lower the resale value of two of the largest investments you'll ever make.

      Even most smokers can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke -- and for the people around you, things are even worse. Second-hand smoke isn't just intolerable to non-smokers -- it is actually dangerous.

      So, does e-cigarette vapour have a smell? As it turns out, the smell of e-cigarette vapour is actually a sign of one of vaping's greatest strengths. Switching to vaping isn't just a great decision for you; it's also great for the people you love.

      What Do E-Cigarettes Smell Like?

      Unlike cigarettes, e-cigarettes actually smell much the same as they taste. If you use a fruity e-liquid, the people around you will smell fruit. If you use a creamy e-liquid, people will smell a creamy scent. If an e-liquid tastes good, it's likely that it also smells good. It's unlikely that anyone around you will ever object to the smell of your vapour.

      Another key difference between e-cigarette vapour and cigarette smoke is the fact that the smell of the vapour becomes virtually undetectable after the vapour dissipates. While you are actively vaping, people nearby will smell it. Within a few minutes after your vaping session ends, though, the smell will be completely gone.

      Switching to vaping means:

      • Not bothering the people around you with the constant smell of cigarette smoke
      • Getting more money -- or avoiding massive cleaning bills -- when you sell your home or car
      • You're probably going to want to buy a new wardrobe!

      Will I Expose the People Around Me to Second-Hand Vapour?

      Like so many other aspects of vaping, the potential health effects of inhaling second-hand vapour are not fully known. A 2015 study analysed exhaled e-cigarette vapour to determine its level of volatile organic compounds. The study found that e-cigarette vapour actually has a lower VOC content than ordinary exhaled breath.

      Do the positive results of the study mean that you should blow your e-cigarette vapour into others' faces? Probably not. Even if second-hand vapour presents little danger, everyone deserves a little common courtesy. Also, it is important to remember that e-cigarette vapour contains nicotine, and exposing any non-smoker to nicotine is a bad idea.

      While the jury may still be out on the potential health effects of second-hand vapour, it is a fact that your nose -- and the noses of everyone around you -- will be thankful when you make the switch to vaping and rid your life of stinky tobacco smoke.

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