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      Every bottle of e-liquid or e-liquid pod has a label expressing the amount of nicotine that the e-liquid contains. In some cases, you'll see the nicotine strength displayed as a percentage such as 1.8%. In other cases, you'll see the amount of nicotine -- such as 18 mg -- per ml of e-liquid. The higher an e-liquid's nicotine concentration, the more nicotine you'll absorb each time you puff on your e-cigarette -- so choosing the right nicotine strength is an essential part of having a satisfying vaping experience.

      What Nicotine Levels Are Available?

      Liberty Flights sells e-liquid in seven different nicotine strengths and in different flavours:

      • 0.0%: No nicotine
      • 0.3%: Lowest strength nicotine
      • 0.6%: Ultra low nicotine
      • 1.2%: Low strength nicotine
      • 1.8%: Medium strength nicotine
      • 2.4%: High strength nicotine
      • 3.6%: Highest strength nicotine

      and 10mg and 20mg medium strength for the Dot Pro e-liquid pods. 

      If you're new to vaping, e-liquid strengths may not mean anything to you yet -- so we'd like to provide some recommendations that can serve as a starting point. These recommendations are only general guidelines; you should be guided by your medical advice and your first experience with an e-cigarette to determine your future needs. If you find your first puffs from an e-cigarette harsh or unpleasant, it's likely that the nicotine strength is too high. If you use your e-cigarette often and exhaust your supply of e-liquid quickly, you may need to increase your nicotine strength.

      IMPORTANT: Please note if you are buying an e-cigarette kit that uses sub-ohm (below one) atomizers with a medium output battery like the Aspire PockeX Kit then we recommend vaping a lower nicotine strength e-liquid. 

      We suggest using a 1.2% nicotine e-liquid if you like a good throat hit or if you like a smoother vape, try the 0.6%. If you wish to vape higher strength nicotine  you can do so.

      Average Smoker: 10-20+ Cigarettes Daily

      For most current smokers, we recommend the 1.8% nicotine strength as a starting point or the 20mg in Dot Pro Pods. If you smoke around one packet of cigarettes per day, you'll likely find the 1.8% or 20mg nicotine strength very satisfying. Please note: if you are using a sub-ohm atomizer as noted above then we recommend using a 1.2% or less for vaping. 

      Light Smoker: 5-10 Cigarettes Daily

      If you smoke around half a packet of cigarettes per day or less, you may find the 1.8% nicotine level a bit too strong for your needs. The 1.2% strength may be perfect for you and for the Dot Pro 10mg. 

      Social Smoker: 0-5 Cigarettes Daily

      If you sometimes go an entire day without smoking or only smoke on the weekends, your nicotine needs are very low. You'll probably be very happy if you replace your occasional tobacco cigarette with an e-cigarette at the 0.6% or 0.3% nicotine strength.

      Heavy Smoker: 20+ Cigarettes Daily

      If you smoke more than a packet of cigarettes daily or prefer unfiltered cigarettes, you may require a nicotine strength higher than 1.8%, usually the 20mg nicotine salt in the Dot Pro pod vape kit will satisfy a 10-20+ cigarette smoker. If the 1.8% strength leaves you unsatisfied, we recommend trying the 2.4% strength before you step up to the 3.6% strength. The 3.6% strength is a very high level of nicotine that only a few smokers require. We sell our Menthol, Tobacco Virginia and XO Supreme Tobacco e-liquids in these higher strengths.

      Want to learn more about e-cigarettes? Read our vaping beginner's guide

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