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      ecigarette battery-related to what is the best way to care for my battery

      Store and handle your electronic cigarette batteries with special care. We tell our customers not to house batteries with metallic, magnetised or electronic transmitting devices. Avoid storage in extreme temperatures which will reduce the lifespan of your device.

      You can use your electronic cigarette outdoors in the sun safely as long as you don't leave it in direct sunlight in hot conditions for long periods.

      We suggest keeping your e-cigarette batteries well maintained by keeping the threading free of e-liquid and e-liquid residue by gently cleaning the connections and threading of the battery with a dry tissue or a cotton ear bud. This keeps the battery in safe working order and will extend its life.

      Please note: As a safety precaution, we recommend you don't leave a battery charging unattended or overnight. The correct charger should be used - we recommend only using Liberty Flights chargers with Liberty Flights e-cigarette batteries. Lastly, charge them in isolation to other batteries.