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      The clearomizer performs two functions. First, it is the tank that holds your e-liquid and shows you how much e-liquid remains. Second, it contains the atomizer that heats your e-liquid and turns it to vapour.

      You'll need to fill your clearomizer periodically to keep your e-cigarette producing vapour and prevent your clearomizer's atomizer coil from drying out. Also, some aspect of a clearomizer is always disposable -- whether it's the entire clearomizer or only the atomizer coil -- so you'll need to learn to recognise the signs that it's time for a replacement. Does all of this sound confusing? Never fear; it won't be long before using a clearomizer is second nature to you. This clearomizer guide will help.

      How to Fill a Clearomizer

      Before you begin using your clearomizer, you'll need to fill it with e-liquid. The disposable clearomizer fills from the top, the Joyetech All-in-one e-cigarette also fills from the top. Many clearomizers that enable you to replace the atomizer, like the Aspire CE5 fill from the bottom. Unscrew the clearomizer's mouthpiece or bottom cover to access the e-liquid tank.

      In the middle of the disposable clearomizer tank, you'll notice a narrow tube leading from the atomizer coil to the mouthpiece. The tube is for vapour only -- not for e-liquid. If you get e-liquid in the tube, your clearomizer will gurgle and produce less vapour than it should. Place the tip of your bottle of e-liquid between the tube and the outside edge of the clearomizer. Squeeze the bottle, and watch as the level of e-liquid rises in the tank. When the e-liquid is at the maximum fill line on the side of the tank, the clearomizer is full. Replace the top or bottom cap.

      When you use your clearomizer, you should always keep an eye on the e-liquid level to ensure that you don't allow the clearomizer to run dry. A clearomizer uses a wick to hold e-liquid close to the atomizer coil and draw liquid from the tank. Most wicks are cotton, and cotton can burn if it's dry. Although accidentally singeing your clearomizer's wick isn't dangerous, the burned cotton will alter the flavour of your e-liquid in an unpleasant way. It isn't possible to restore the original flavour of a clearomizer if the wick has been burned, so you'll have no choice but to continue using the clearomizer in a degraded state or discard it.

      You should also wait several minutes to begin vaping if you've just replaced your clearomzier or atomizer coil. You'll risk singeing the wick if you don't give the e-liquid time to saturate the atomizer coil.

      When Should I Replace My Clearomizer or Atomizer Coil?

      No atomizer coil lasts forever. After several days or weeks of using a clearomizer, you'll begin to notice changes. A cotton wick degrades over time and may begin to darken. The electrical resistance of an atomizer coil may change from repeated heating and cooling. After a while, you'll notice that your favourite e-liquid no longer has its usual pleasant flavour or that the clearomizer no longer creates the amount of vapour it once did. Those are the signs that you need to replace your clearomizer or atomizer coil. If you have a Liberty Flights Premier clearomizer, simply discard and replace it. If you're using a Liberty Flights Taste clearomizer, you'll disassemble the clearomizer and replace the atomizer coil.

      How to Replace Your Clearomizer's Atomizer Coil

      One of the best aspects of the e-cigarette is that it has low long-term ownership costs. There's no need to replace your clearomizer unless you want to do so. Instead, you'll replace the atomizer coil when you want to restore the clearomizer's performance. When the clearomizer is nearly empty, unscrew the bottom cap. The atomizer coil protrudes from the cap. Unscrew the coil, and twist in a replacement coil. Refill the tank.

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