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      "What do electronic cigarettes taste like?”

      • Yes and they come on many flavours and not just tobacco. 
      • They don't taste exactly the same as a cigarette but if you are seeking a tobacco flavour it's very similar and there are many varieties of flavours within the tobacco flavour spectrum.
      • There is no lingering after taste like a cigarette nor lingering smell.
      • After you make the switch most vapers find that they regain their taste buds. 

      It's one of the most common questions that we hear on our customer service line. It's also likely to be the first question that you ask upon discovering that you have a friend who vapes.

      Although it's likely that you would rather quit than continue to smoke, there are probably some aspects of the smoking experience that you enjoy -- such as the unique flavour of cured tobacco leaves.

      You're looking for an alternative. You think that vaping may be right for you, but you want to know what the experience of vaping is actually like. You want to know how e-cigarettes taste. This article will shed some light on the subject.

      What an E-cigarette Is -- and Isn't

      When you smoke a cigarette, you're lighting dried plant matter on fire and inhaling the smoke. When you use an e-cigarette, you're inhaling the aerosol of a flavoured liquid. Apart from the fact that cigarettes and e-cigarettes both generate a substance that you inhale, they have little in common. An e-cigarette cannot taste exactly like a tobacco cigarette -- it doesn't contain tobacco, and it doesn't burn.

      With that fact out of the way, what e-cigarettes actually can do is quite remarkable. What are your favourite aspects of the way that your preferred cigarette brand tastes? Do you prefer the grassy notes of Virginia tobacco, the musky flavour of Latakia or the sweet richness of Turkish tobacco? With the skilful blending of flavours, it is possible to create e-liquids with taste profiles reminiscent of the world's most popular tobacco blends -- with none of the harshness and ashy flavour notes of tobacco smoke.

      E-cigarettes don't replicate the flavour of tobacco cigarettes -- they improve upon it.

      E-cigarettes Have Far Greater Flavour Variety Than Cigarettes

      After you've used an e-cigarette for a while, you'll likely reach a point at which you stop thinking about the flavour of your old cigarettes at all. At that point, it's time for a bit of experimentation. When you begin to experiment with non-tobacco e-liquid flavours, you'll discover why e-cigarettes actually offer an experience that tobacco cigarettes can never match. Since e-liquids contain food flavours, they can taste like anything you could possibly imagine.

      Can your tobacco cigarette taste like a gooey cinnamon bun? What about a bowl of fruity cereal or a chocolate milkshake? Of course it can't. No matter what flavour enhancers the maker adds to it, a cigarette can only taste like one thing: burning tobacco.

      These are just a few of the flavour profiles that you'll find in Liberty Flights XO e-liquids:

      • Fruit flavours and menthol fruit blend reminiscent of many chewing gum flavours. 
      • Subtle to rich tobacco blends. 
      • Menthol twists, for example Blue Crush (blue berries and menthol) and Red Crush (red berries and menthol)

      Try a Liberty Flights starter kit today. Once you become accustomed to your e-cigarette, experiment with new flavours! When you explore everything that the world of vaping has to offer, you'll understand why vaping doesn't have to replicate the flavour of a cigarette to be better than smoking in every way.

      Want to learn more about e-cigarettes? Read our E-cigarette Beginner's Guide.