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      Millions of people around the world have switched completely from smoking to vaping, and a growing body of scientific studies suggests that they may live longer because of that decision.

      E-cigarettes are not for everyone. They aren't recreational devices, and they aren't for children. We do not sell to customers under the age of 18.

      Current Smokers

      Whether you consume it through an e-cigarette or a tobacco product, nicotine is one of the most powerfully addictive substances known. Nicotine also increases blood pressure. If you do not consume nicotine already, you shouldn't start. If you smoke and are able to quit, you should quit.

      Tobacco smoking kills 5.4 million people per year. It is the world's leading preventable cause of death. Smokers are acutely aware that their habit will one day kill them. If quitting were easy, there wouldn't be any smokers left in the world. Quitting isn't easy, though.

      If you are a smoker who can't quit, e-cigarettes may give you an alternative that didn't exist until just a few years ago -- and that's what makes the e-cigarette one of the most incredible product developments of our time. If you are not already a smoker, please don't start.

      Who Should Not Consume Nicotine?

      You should not consume nicotine if you:

      • Are not an adult
      • Do not consume nicotine already
      • Are pregnant or nursing

      If you are a healthy adult, already smoke and are not pregnant or nursing, you can use an e-cigarette. Aside from pregnancy and lactation, the most serious contraindications for nicotine consumption include recent heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart arrhythmia.

      If you aren't sure whether e-cigarettes are for you, ask your doctor for advice.

      Want to learn more about e-cigarettes? Read our E-cigarette Beginner's Guide or shop our full selection of e-cigarettes.